The Weekend! Sept. 30-Oct. 2 Oakville Art Scene. Zin Taylor. Judith Scott

The opening this past week of two new exhibits at Oakville Galleries – Zin Taylor: Five Units of Haze and Judith Scott (sculptures) combined with this weekend’s forecasted Atlantic moisture – visiting The Town of Oakville’s public art gallery space seems a given!

Curiously Oakville Galleries features two exhibit locations – one at Gairloch Gardens – 1306 Lakeshore Rd. West and the other at Centennial Square/Oakville Public Library – 120 Navy Street. The gardens and waterfront location of Gairloch Gardens are visually very pleasing. The Centennial Square location adjoining the Oakville Public Library offers the possibility of strolling along Lakeshore Road restaurants and shops after a visit to the gallery.

Gairloch Gardens stunning waterfront location earlier this week

Canadian born now Paris based artist Zin Taylor spent a week this past September living in the small third floor apartment of the estate home at Gairloch while creating his art installation in the main floor gallery space. Taylor’s Five Units of Haze – which includes a sequence of immersive wall drawings that are featured throughout the gallery space and are created in Taylor’s characteristic – almost cartoon like, large brush strokes, black paint and white background are iconic Zin Taylor – fun too! Accompanying the wall drawings are five body-forms as Taylor refers to them exploring his fascination with the human form. Music  – a sound system built by Taylor and utilizing Taylor’s own psychedelic music collection – that he says grew out of the 1960’s is also a part of this drawing, painting and sculpture installation on display until December 30th at Oakville Galleries – Gairloch Gardens.

Taylor’s Sculptures are inspired by the Alphabet form of American Artist Alexander Calder . Abstract torsos are said to reference French Sculptor Auguste Rodin
The Hippy!
Zin Taylor – Hanging Sculpture at Oakville Galleries Gairloch Gardens
Oakville Galleries – Gairloch Gardens

Oakville Galleries Centennial Square in downtown Oakville is currently featuring an exhibit of the late American artist Judith Scott (1943-2005) . On display are a collection of Judith Scott’s complex sculptures created from found objects (tennis racket, small chair) using ribbons, knotted cloth, yarn, thread to create bright bold exquisite sculptures. Some of Scott’s pieces are as large as nine feet – some smaller – all created from the purest of materials. This is the Canadian debut of these sculptures together with a series of Judith Scott’s pencil crayon drawings all currently on display at Oakville Galleries Centennial Square exhibit space.

Judith Scott Fibre Sculptures – Oakville Galleries, Centennial Square

The art is amazing but for me Judith Scott’s personal story is most fascinating. Judith was deaf as well as having been born with downs syndrome. It was not until later in her life that Judith’s deafness was discovered and was found to have been the result of  contracting scarlet fever in infancy (like Helen Keller) . Judith’s deafness went undetected and at age 7 she was deemed uneducatable after attending a school program for children with disabilities in the Cincinnati School Board. For 35 years she was institutionalized and separated from her family including her twin sister Joyce (no disabilities). In her adult life through a series of events Judith went to live in California with her twin sister, Joyce and her family. She became a participant at The Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland, California – the first organization to provide studio space for artists with disabilities. Judith and her twin sister Joyce’s incredible story is now a book and was just released in June of this year – Entwined, Sisters and Secrets in the silent world of artist Judith Scott


Judith Scott – found objects such as tennis racket frame and small chair masterfully form part of sculpture

This weekend as part of  Oakville Culture Days and Doors Open Oakville Oakville Galleries will be offering tours at both locations on Saturday October 1 . Oakville Galleries Curator, Frances Loeffler will be conducting tours of Zin Taylor’s Five Units of Haze at Gairloch Gardens location at 12 and 2pm. Director of Oakville Galleries, Matthew Hyland will give tours of Judith Scott’s fibre sculptures at the Centennial Square location at 11:00am, 1:00pm, and 3:00pm. 

Enjoy the blustery weekend lovely readers of OurtownO! And don’t forget to order your Turkey and Pumpkin Pies! GobbleGobble!

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  1. Fabulous write-up. I just saw the Zin Taylor this morning. It’s fabulous. It was a wild, stormy morning on the lake and the pieces were brilliant in juxtaposition to the water. It’s a must see!

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