The Weekend! Oct.14-16 Cape Dorset Prints. Farm to Chef. BelleRegards.Towne Square.


I visited the Oakville Towne Square this week on a warm autumn afternoon and it made me smile. It has the feel of an Italian Piazza or Village Green – people of varying ages out in their community. Some were sitting on park benches – two ladies chatting, an older gentleman reading the newspaper,children playing on the green while a parent watched from the steps that enclose one side on the Square. An art gallery, auction house, restaurants and patios surround the perimeter. It is a lovely place for the community to gather.

This Saturday at 10:00am Native Art Gallery in the Towne Square will be part of the worldwide release of the 57th Cape Dorset Annual Print Collection. The Kinngait Studios on West Baffin Island, Cape Dorset Nunavut are home to an iconic Inuit arts collective that produce prints, drawings, and sculptures. Dorset Fine Arts annual collection of limited edition prints are released for sale every October and they are worth seeing!  Each collection tells us a new story, and this year’s latest chapter is an homage to Inuit art history and cultural heritage.


TIM PITSIULAK, 16-03 Qimaajuq Ukali (Running Rabbit), Stonecut & Stencil, Paper: Kizuki Kozo Natural, Printer: Ashoona Ashoona, 53.8 x 71 cm, $ 1000

Cape Dorset prints have evolved over the years from traditional Inuit prints to modern themes depicting daily life in Cape Dorset. The bright colours and reflection of family life are the elements of Cape Dorset prints that have resonated with me. I own several of the prints as an over decade long collector of these authentic and wonderfully Canadian works of art.


TIM PITSIULAK, 16-01 Double Tusked Narwhal, Stonecut, Paper: Kizuki Kozo White, Printer: Qiatsuq Niviaqsi, 30.5 x 99 cm, $ 900


NINGEOKULUK TEEVEE, 16-21 My New Boots, Stonecut & Stencil, Paper: Kizuki Kozo White, Printer: Qiatsuq Niviaqsi, 62 x 46.7 cm, $ 800

On Sunday from 1:00pm-4:00pm the Towne Square comes alive again with Harvest Halton farm-to-chef outdoor festival. The $20 purchase of a passport enables you to sample an afternoons worth of mouth-watering cuisine created by nine talented Oakville restaurant chefs. The chefs have been provided with farm fresh local ingredients – from local farmers! The Towne Square will also be the location of the Halton Simply Local Marketplace . The BelleRegards Toronto based indie folk music band will take the stage in the Towne Square! How cool is that on a Sunday afternoon in OurtownO!


Halton Harvest – farm- to-chef event this Sunday October 16th -Towne Square


Happy Weekend lovely readers of OurTownO!!

Alix xx

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