The Weekend! Jan.27-29

It’s the last weekend in January and here are some things to do this weekend! Although, I might be doing this…

Time to put an end to hibernating and get moving.The unseasonably balmy weather has put me in the mood for an outdoor start to the weekend, Saturday January 28th 8:30-10:00am, Birding with the Experts at The Riverwood Conservancy, just over in Mississauga. The Riverwood Conservancy is a beautiful 150 acre natural park and trail system on the banks of the Credit River in central Mississauga. Nature and beauty abound.

Capra’s Kitchen – now open in Clarkson (South Mississauga) is getting fantastic reviews and would be a great choice for brunch-lunch anytime this weekend! Dinner too! Massimo Capra, famous as one of “The 3 Chefs” on TV’s Cityline Show and a highly regarded Toronto restauranteur –  is in the neighbourhood.Yum!

To soothe the soul and please the senses,Oakville Galleries has just opened two new exhibitions. Irish-Canadian-American artist, Les Levine’s Transmedia  show is on display at The Centennial Square location Jan. 22- March 12. Levine immigrated to Toronto in 1957 – his exhibition at Oakville Galleries brings together a number of key works in painting, sculpture, sound and other media, dating from the mid-1960s to the early 1970s. Constantly expanding the parameters of what could be understood as art, Levine’s artworks anticipated the rapid changes in media technologies–and artistic practice—that would characterize the second half of the twentieth century 

Beirut Born, Etel Adnan is having her first solo show in Canada, Sea and Fog, at Oakville Galleries, Gairloch Gardens location Jan.22- March 12. Oakville Galleries’ Curator Frances Loeffler says:“Etel Adnan is a visionary and vital voice for our troubled times. Her work asks us to think uncompromisingly about today’s most urgent issues, and to seek solace in art, nature and togetherness. We deeply value the opportunity to bring her work to Canadian audiences for the first time.” 

A Taste of Oakville is on in Downtown Oakville – so many reasons to eat out with family and friends and beat the winter-hibernation-inclination this weekend…but then again! zzzzzz!!

Enjoy the weekend lovely readers of OurTownO! Alix xx


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