Oakville Yacht

Alix Scott, OurTownO Creator

It all started when Alix met Tom in the heady days of Expo ’86 in Alix’s hometown, Vancouver. After they moved East, Tom introduced her to his hometown, Oakville, and they’ve been here 23 years and counting.

A graduate of the University of Toronto in English, Alix was a competitive athlete growing up, and is a former hotel executive who has worked on and led various charitable initiatives over the years. Her latest: Project North Bound ships children’s books and hockey skates to a First Nations Community in Nunavut. She currently plans events and consults on marketing projects, and has been co-chair for the past three years of A Night Out, which raises funds for local children’s charities.

A Mom of four kids (a girl, three boys), who’ve all attended Oakville schools, Alix is passionate about education, and has worked hard on school councils and education-related initiatives since moving to Oakville.

Alix is inquisitive about people and engaged in the community of Oakville. The result is an over two decade long love affair with her adopted home town. The OurtownO blog is a natural output of the things, people, places, and businesses she encounters (and likes!) in Oakville ON.