The Name

The White Oaks that once towered on the shoreline gave the town its name and drew many of the first residents here. A mill set up on the creek processed some of these trees into masts for the Royal Navy.

The Economy

Oakville has had booms and busts since its founding, but mainly it's held its own, moving from processing timber to milling grain to assembling cars to hosting major corporations and professional firms. Engineering firm hubs and now a potential Health Science complex.

The Look

And so, no surprise, Old Oakville is decidedly Maritime in appearance. At least some of the newer buildings follow where the old ones led. Newer subdivisions to the North attempt and often succeed in replicating the feel of the older parts of town - trees, parks, and homes that give off a vibe of community and neighbourhoods alive with activity and engagement

The Culture

For a town its size, Oakville has always punched above its weight culturally, with its own symphony, as well as theatre companies, dance troupes and now a new Film Festival.

In its variety stores, locals can pick up the New Yorker and the Manchester Guardian. Books and paintings line the walls of many homes.

It’s a town that draws musicians and artists - home studios abound (both amateur and professional - ). — and those who appreciate and support their work.



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